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3. We purchased the small ship Melton!

Updated: Feb 4


We are excited to let you know that at the end of November we were able to complete the purchase of the small ship Melton!


We invite you to celebrate with us the birth of a new vessel which will serve in the french speaking world around the east coast of Madagascar, Melton has been re-named Island Reach and will be transformed into a medical ship to serve unreached communities located around Tamatave.

On the 3rd of December we conducted a short handing over ceremony in Greenock, Scotland. The sun came out and we were blessed with a double rainbow in the sky as we celebrated together the accomplishment of the last few steps in the process.The Vine Trust had handed over ownership to YWAM Ships Switzerland!

On Saturday morning Richard cast off the lines and Island Reach left on her way to Conwy, Wales for winter harbouring. We have an amazing crew who will sail her south where she will arrive in time for high tide on Tuesday morning.


We are so grateful to EVERYONE who has helped in every aspect of the project so far, without these sacrifices of your time, effort and skill - we would not be where we are with YWAM Ships Switzerland today.


YWAM Ships Switzerland exists to serve in the

most isolated and disadvantaged french speaking islands


A big thank you to the CREW, who are taking charge of the ship and bringing her down from Greenock in Scotland to Conwy in Wales where she will be able to harbour over winter and have some work done on her. It's possible to send short term teams over this next 5 months to help with the work which needs done and we would be more than happy if you would like to be part of this process - please do get in touch by emailing

In Wales we are happy to host teams to get their hands dirty breaking off barnacles and cleaning Island Reach up ready for the long voyage south.

Bringing Hope and Healing to the Nations



Is now complete! Celebrate with us


In Conwy our marine volunteers will prepare Island Reach for the long voyage (8,500 miles) and transformation into a medical relief vessel. If you would like to volunteer to help please contact

These transformation costs with delivery costs to Madagascar will require an investment of £100,000 by the beginning of March 2022.


Finally, the installation of medical units, and equipment, many of which we hope will be donated, will need a further estimated investment of £50,000. A bargain for what she will be able to do for the next two decades.

The total estimated cost for the purchase, transformation and refurbishment comes to £230,000.

Please get in touch if you would like further information about our plans or about the ship, we are more than happy to share in this voyage with you as we seek God and partner together for His solutions!


Please contact us:

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