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The Story so far...

Partnership is a key word. We do what we are able to do, not alone, but with sponsors, intercessors,

elders and supporters behind us. We have seen this over and again in multiple ways in missions. 

It was in 2018, at a Global YWAM gathering in Thailand that God began to stir our hearts concerning launching YWAM ships for the french speaking world. We already have 20+ ships operating as YWAM globally, bringing healthcare and the good news of the gospel to nations often difficult to reach by land, but none of these vessels have a focus in french speaking nations or islands exclusively. 

There are thousands of unreached islands around the world, hundreds of which are french speaking

and we want to plan together and with God how we might go about reaching them with the gospel. 

At the beginning of August 2021 we received news from the Vine Trust, that they were looking to sell a small ship which initially had been purchased by them to join their ministry with its sister boat, Jubilee Hope, and serve as a medical ship on Lake Victoria, Tanzania. 

The Vine trust offered to sell the ship to YWAM for an amazing price - looking only to cover their investment costs since they themselves purchased her. 

Without knowing where this could lead, we let our ministry partners know and within a few hours some senior leaders in Madagascar contacted us to confirm that they had been praying for a vessel such as this for over 10 years. The idea began to develop that we could outfit her in a way to serve in Madagascar. 

Working with long term leaders who have already established over 30 primary health care posts and have recently started an agricultural project to reach local farmers - this ship would be an amazing tool used to reach very isolated villages on the east coast of the island, complimenting what is already happening in Madagascar.


Right now, we need partnership. We need your prayers, we need your expertise and we need finances for the equipping and transport of the ship to Madagascar. We are just finishing the installation of a dental surgery and a dispensary in her two cargo holds and a small operating theatre for day surgeries. This work has been done in the UK primarily in Conwy, Wales.


Would you pray about being a part of this amazing opportunity to impact one of the poorest nations in the world? 


We need to raise finances now for her delivery and then for the operating costs for service in Madagascar for the next 25 years. 

Please get in touch if you would like further information about our plans, or about the ship. We are more than happy to share in this voyage with you! 

Elaine Leakey



YWAM Ships operate globally bringing
health and hope to remote communities

Bringing hope and healing to the nations

Our Vision

For decades medical ships have been used in missions in order to see hard to reach communities have access to basic health care which is not available within their region. Over 27 ships are currently being operated by YWAM across the globe - and yet not one is operating in the french speaking world. 

Our vision is to see boats used as tools in reaching the french speaking world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, bringing hope and healing to the nations.

Our Mission

The World Health Organization defines health as being not simply the absence of disease but rather the presence of wellbeing.

We believe that every human being is designed to live a full and abundant life. Our vision is to see each area of society thriving in communities throughout the French speaking world. Our outreaches and training programs are designed to mobilise and equip like-minded people to be a part of helping to build healthy lives, communities, and nations.

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