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 Help us partner with local communities to make a difference  

 by bringing the healing hands of the gospel to difficult to reach places. 

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Island Reach is almost ready to sail to Madagascar in order to begin her service there.
We rely on medical and dental equipment donations and you can help. 



 Small ships provide the perfect opportunity to provide accessible medical care in normally unreachable places. 

With the ability to travel around coastal areas and even up rivers, we can provide satellite clinics to communities with no other access to medical help. 

We work to install small operating theaters as well as dental clinics, ophthalmology units and dispensaries in the holds of ships. 

We need your partnership to make this possible. 



Many people in remote communities develop painful, and dangerous health complications due to untreated dental emergencies and dental problems. 

We aim to provide accessible dental care for communities and preventative treatments in order to help children and adults smile with confidence. 

Dental issues are not just about cosmetic appearance but about restoring dignity and a sense of wholeness to those who have suffered excruciating pain and distress from untreated dental illnesses. 

Help us bring a smile to those in need. 



Serving the Community

Part of reaching out to the community is teaching the values of why we serve. 

Good News underpins all that we do and we share the transformative story of the gospel in every community we serve. 

We partner with local organisations in discipleship and mentor local churches and community groups to help bring about transformative change through understanding the biblical principles that underpin all of society. 

Through principles for living and walking them out in every part of society, we can begin to impact every facet of people's lives.

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People in need

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of Coastal


Nothing we do can happen without you. 

Partner with us to see the dream of serving the French Speaking Islands become reality. 

You can join us by giving, volunteering or partnering with us in prayer. 

Every partnership matters. 

How can you get involved? 

In December of 2021 YWAM Ships Switzerland  purchased the ship Melton from the Vine Trust. Vine had planned to convert and use the ship as a medical vessel on Lake Victoria in Tanzania, but because of a change in road infrastructure in Kenya it became impossible to deliver her there. Vine Trust sold Melton to YWAM Ships at cost price, due to the fact that the ship would continue to be used in the manner that they had envisioned for her. As a Medical ship. 

YWAM SHIPS Switzerland re-named this small ship - she is now Island Reach! We are in the process of converting her into a medical and dental vessel to service unreached communities on the coast of Madagascar. 

The outfitting and upgrading of the Island Reach, is almost complete and YWAM Ships Switzerland is now looking to raise the finance needed to transport the ship and prepare her for service. 

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